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Unbiased, Professional, Scientific Water Treatment Advice for Residential Customers.

FLORIDA, Oct. 1, 2021 Paul Friot, a master water treatment specialist, brings his 45 years of experience as a WQA Master Water Specialist and US patent holder for arsenic removal to consumers with questions about their water. Friot’s new consulting business, Get Water Answers, provides people and water treatment dealers with help understanding water test results or water problems they find challenging.

In an industry with some people selling equipment they do not fully understand the science behind, homeowners can easily find themselves at a loss to trust they are buying the right equipment. When you speak to Paul Friot, you will be given sound, technical answers to your questions, communicated clearly and in a manner that any homeowner can understand. People can easily be overwhelmed by differing proposals from dealers; Friot can sort through the data and help consumers find the solutions with unbiased answers. For Friot, it is all about integrity and trust.

Friot’s goal is to share “what works, what doesn’t and why,” with every customer. Other water treatment dealers refer their potential customers to Get Water Answers to get an unbiased proposal analysis. Some dealers retain Friot’s services to help them determine an appropriate solution to recommend to customers.

To get started with a consultation, Friot offers an initial complimentary phone call for every new customer. Call +1 (978) 302-1076, email or go to for more information.

Paul Friot

Paul Friot

Get Water Answers

Get Water Answers is a water quality consulting company based in Florida, USA, operating nationally. Founded in 2021, after 45 years in the water quality industry, the founder Paul Friot provides unbiased, professional, scientific water treatment advice to residential customers and training to students obtaining water quality certifications.